The Shuq (Market) is one of Asmara`s major attractions and an essential part of any walking tour in Asmara. The largest market is in Eritrean Square and sells vast array of beans, pulses, grains, fruits and vegetables. The mini-mills around the outside of the market are worth taking a look at as the workers separate, sieve and prepare the various grains to make flour, with remarkable efficiency. The souvenir market (Edaga Lakha), the market behind the central mosque, is a great place to browse too, and is more interesting than the shops in town. One can find among other things, wicker basket, wooden masks, mats, pottery items, musical instruments, decorated gourds and skin paintings. Another market worth going for the sake of browsing is Medeber market (from the Tigrinya word for ‘together’) in the northeast corner of the town, is like an open-air workshop where absolutely everything is recycled. The air is filled with hammering, sawing and cutting; old tires are made into sandals, corrugated iron is flattened and made into metal baskets, and olive tins into coffee pots and tiny scoopers. It is a salutary lesson in waste and resource management.