If you are a hiking enthusiast, there is much to discover in Eritrea. Eritrean is a safe destination for those seeking new adventure, breathtaking views, cultural diversity and hospitality, animal life, plant life and birds, historical sites, and a pleasant climate.

A few words of caution however, before you head off in the suggested directions below below:

  • Consider an experienced guide. Booklets describing hikes are sold on the streets of Asmara, but the directions are not always clear and the booklets do not give an indication of the toughness of the hikes.
  • Carry water and fresh fruits and / or some biscuits with you.
  • Wear sturdy and comfortable shoes.
  • Wear a hat to help protect you from the sun’s strong rays. Always wear sun screen and sun glasses to soften any harsh glare.
  • Stick to worn paths. Remember to stay on well used trails and pathways, and stay alert.
  • Start early in the morning so that the bulk of your walk is carried out in the cool of the day.