Dahlak Marine National Park

Dahlak (Dahlac) Marine National Park is a national park in the Northern Red Sea Region of Eritrea. It includes part of the Dahlak archipelago and the surrounding waters.

The archipelago is well protected due to is being designated a national park by Ethiopia during the Ethiopian-Eritrean conflict, and one must now acquire permission before being allowed to travel to the there. The park is flourishing with wildlife due to it being abandoned during the conflict and there are an estimated 325 different species of fish in the waters surrounding the region because of this. Many of the uninhabited islands have become nesting areas for large numbers of seabirds due to their isolated nature and rich feeding grounds in the surrounding area.

Apart from the wildlife, there is a small population of 2,500 people that live on 4 of the islands. These people maintain their traditional lifestyle of herding goats and camels, as well as fishing. Scuba diving is now allowed in the area and is led by a group of trained scuba divers that consist of former freedom fighters that make up the core of Eritrean diving tourism.